Know About the Short Film Crazy Review

The crazy short film carefully designed and executed by Holt Boggs experts is a perfect example of everything that is great about short film.

What is it?

An insecure Mafia boss enlists the help of an eccentric contract terminator to “eliminate” his girlfriend’s lover,

My Opinion

Holt Boggs wrote, directed, starred, cracked and produced this short film, so it’s almost safe to say he was heavily invested. Boggs has managed to create a superbly executed and skillfully timed short film that attracts the audience and keeps them going until the end. What begins as an intense thriller magically turns into a black comedy. Once the short film is over, I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness for the characters. Boggs really did something special here and deserves a lot of credit for that. The writing is fantastic, the story as a whole works so well and the actors give the script a worthy performance.

Holt Boggs and Brian Villalobos both put in outstanding performances. Villalobas plays the cool and confident contract terminator and Boggs plays the well-rounded Mafia boss. The dialogue flows quickly and becomes more corollary as we progress through this short film, but Boggs and Villalobos both continue their serious and fast delivery, doing a brilliant job of increasing the suspense and crossing comedy territory perfectly. The pair seems to have slightly increasing and decreasing intensity levels. This dynamic Duo welcomes each other, the Villalobos steal the show during the dinner moments and Boggs really shines once we have our big reveal.

The craziest takes place in a restaurant, a classic place for this establishment. A Mafia boss and a contract terminator meeting in a Restaurant to discuss a business deal is not original, but it is a classic for a good reason, and the instant familiarity means that Boggs does not have to waste time in his brief explanation of the Situation. A simple adjustment of the camera with different cracks is all that is necessary for us to be able to take the action.

Crazy has a great soundtrack that sets the stage. Not only does it help to increase the drama and tension, but it knows when to stay and when to fade, rising to the surface at the right time. The last track of the end credits of Missio, “I Feel You”, leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Excellent Performance

Holt Boggs plays Stanley. Boggs really brings a high level of intensity to his performance while diverting the commercial lines from the high-octane dialogue with Villalobos. Boggs’ Performance reaches a new level once the short film becomes a black comedy. He seems to excel in this role.

Brian Villalobos plays Monty. I liked the trust Villalobos had with Monty. He really shone through the dinner scene. His verbal exchange with Boggs was a pleasure to watch. He carried himself with all the swagger the character needed.

Keturah Branch plays Nancy Wallace. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention Branch, who makes a very subtle appearance at the beginning of the short film, that you rush in without realizing how important his words are to the entire plot of the short film. She has an excellent twist that gives her role an authoritarian character while keeping her Co-Stars firmly under control. A great performance.


Holt Boggs Crazy is a great example of everything great about short film. Two great performances, a great story and enough twists to keep you guessing are all the ingredients you need to make this a Five-star Movie.

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