Know About Importantance of Record and Label Music

When you think of your favorite music, you will probably immediately turn to the stories that inspired great songs. Breakups, failed tours, new loves, etc. although these origin stories are essential to shape the music and determine its purpose and urgency, there is something important that songwriters should not know.

There are the great stories behind the great music, and then there are the many little things that had to happen for vague ideas and inspirations to combine and turn into something solid and unforgettable. Actions as simple and direct as keeping a recording device at hand and marking up your impromptu musical ideas can make the difference between being able to reach your full potential or not.

Inspiration Adorns you. Then what?

Creative Inspiration can meet us at any time, anywhere – in a dream, while you are sleeping in bed, during a mountain hike hours from your Studio, in the depths of grief after the loss of a loved one. We usually can’t control how or when we are inspired, but we can control when and how we make music. We know that a lot of good music starts with Inspiration and ends with an awesome song, but we are fuzzy in the details of what happens in between.

Of course, each artist works differently, but a common thread between many of them is the method of welcoming and organizing spontaneous ideas. Whether Inspiration comes to you in the form of a random vocal melody, a strong and powerful emotion or a Motivation to write about a particular idea, a recording device will help you capture the unique energy of your feelings. This step is crucial because the urgency that accompanies Inspiration does not last long. If you wait a day or two to make music about something that moved you, it won’t be as powerful and authentic.

If we worry about how we do them, we can capture the irreducible Magic of the moment. The energy we find can give us everything we need to move forward and create whole songs. We can listen to excerpts of original recorded music and be shown how we just felt and what we need to do to move forward in the spirit of this Original Inspiration.

However, it is not enough to stop there and we must go further to make the most of our spontaneous ideas. Whether you take your ideas on your DAW or on your Smartphone, you need to label and organize them. If you are a prolific writer, you can come up with dozens of demos and many minor musical ideas in a month. This makes labeling your ideas extremely important. If you need to listen to 30 ideas to get to the one you like best, add unnecessary work and put a barrier between you and your Inspiration. Something that takes you a few seconds will help you write better music more consistently, and this is important because making music is not easy.

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